Monterey Pelvic Medicine and Pain Management


During a  patient’s first appointment, extensive medical history, external evaluation of pain site and trigger points as needed, pelvic floor musculoskeletal examination is conducted. ,internal pelvic evaluation is performed if needed only. [You are always welcome to have another individual in the room during evaluation and/or treatment.]

Additionally, initial evaluation may include:

  • Postural and structural assessment
    Evaluation of connective tissue in the abdomen, back, pelvis and lower extremities
    Myofascial evaluation of the pelvic girdle muscles
    Examination to identify myofascial trigger points in the pelvic girdle and pelvic floor muscles
    Skin inspection
    Peripheral altered neurodynamics testing/palpation
  • Painful scars in the tissues of the lower body that might relate to the symptoms
  • Sensitive skin in the abdominal wall, inner thighs, pubis, lower back, buttocks.
  • Inflammation or skin lesions in the external genitalia
  • Specific Genital Exam
    1. Q-tip exam of external genitalia
    2. single digit exam
      1. pelvic floor tone
      2. pelvic floor muscle
      3. trigger points
    3. urethra and base of bladder evaluation if indicated
    4. bimanual exam for pelvic organ if indicated

Treatment Plan and Referral

At our center we practice multidisciplinary approach, referral to other specialists and providers such as radiology, urology, neurology or physical therapy as appropriate.  Another important feature of our care is patient communication. Starting with your first appointment and throughout the treatment process, you will have access with appropriate updates.